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cy29940/42/48 clock distribution product | Cypress Semiconductor

cy29940/42/48 clock distribution product

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i am using both cy29940 and cy29948 in two locations in my system. 

i am trying to understand why the cy29948 output is a clean square wave while the output of the 29940 has a significant ripple (~0.4v of the 2.4vptp output). both are connected similarly with one output terminated with 50ohm (scope) and the rest are disconnected. 

i would like to know if there is a difference in isolation between outputs in both products and if there is where can i aquire a 1:18 distributer with high output isolation (the cy29942 maybe?).





if nacessary i can produce a waveform of both and a schematic connection.

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 There is no difference in the outputs of CY29940 and CY29948. Please upload the schematic and waveforms for both, so we get more inputs to analyze.


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