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Introduction to Cypress Asynchronous SRAM's | Cypress Semiconductor

Introduction to Cypress Asynchronous SRAM's

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Cypress has recently created a training module on Asynchronous SRAM's.

This web based trainig module provides a basic understanding of the different types of memory products and discusses in detail Cypress's Asynchronous SRAM product, types features and their applications.

Please see the link below-


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thanks for you link about introduction Asynchr. SRAM.

I would like to know if you have the same introduction about Pipelined SRAM (CY7C1474V25...)

I would like to connect this memory at Virtex LX but this fpga is not equiped with processor or controleur .


thanks in advance

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Hi Voho,


Please find the attached Sync SRAM training module (PDF) with this post. You will find the introduction to all Synchronous SRAM products in it. 


You can create the technical support case, if you face any problem with interfacing our memory to FPGA. We will be more than happy to help you out. 




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