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UBS (CAN) for 16FX Family

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I have file canproflash.pdf. It describes how to program the Fujitsu Flash Microcontrollers through a CAN interface. Whether there are sample of programs for this example somewhere? (Or implementation algorithm for UBS)


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My request is missed.

What is located in Boot-ROM memory?

Whether it is possible to realize bootloader through boot-ROM? or there is other way?

This question about MB96690 Series.


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The BootROM protocol is described here:

For MB966xx devices the protocol is slightly different, see 6.2.2 of the document mentioned above:

Calibrate off

MB96300: 0x00 0x55 0x87 0x00 0x78

MB96600: 0x00 0x55 0x00 0x87 0x00 0x78

It allows to program 'new/erase' device via serial interface.


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