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Fab Tools | Cypress Semiconductor

Fab Tools

Cypress can offer a wide variety of tools and associated processes, including 65nm node capabilities.

193nm litho ASML XT:1250  Sokudo RF3
/1100  200W
248nm litho ASML /850, /750, /300
365 nm litho ASML /400, /250, /100
CD-SEM AMAT VeraSem, Verity
Registration KLAT Archer AIM, 5300, 5200
Stabilization Fusion 200 PCU
Polyimide 8.5µm Photo-imageable
Reticle Handling DMS with automated particle/pellicle damage detection and blow-off
Oxide / Nitride Etch AMAT Centura  SuperE, EMAX, MxP
Poly / Silicon  Etch AMAT DPS II, LAM 9400
4400 SE2 TCP
Metal Etch LAM 2300 Versys, LAM 9600
Wet Cleans Akrion Gama wet benches
Semitool SST w/EKC265, SEZ DaVinci, SEZ 223 backside cleans
Ash / Dry Strip Novellus/Gasonics PEP 3010, Novellus Iridia, Mattson Aspen
PECVD Novellus C1 Nitride, Oxide, BPSG C2 TEOS, HDP for trench and PSG
LPCVD Aviza VTR Poly, Nitride
AVP BTBAS 560C Nitride, ONO
Atmospheric VTR for Oxide, Alloy, Passivation, AVP for Selective Oxidation
Wet Cleans DNS FC821 Immersion bench
FSI Mercury Spray Processor
Metrology KLAT ASET-F5X, Quantox, Optiprobe
Metals AMAT Endura AI, TiW, COTI, TiN (ESC & IMP), W/WN
Novellus C2 Altus W PNL
IMPLANT Axcelis 8200, 8250: 10–250keV, ESC/e-shower, 0-60deg tilt
Axcelis GSD Ultra: 2-180keV, high dose, 0-11deg tilt
RTA AG8108 & 8800i 675C-1100C, AMAT Centura RTP Spike Annealer
CMP Westech472 for Oxide, W plug
W Dual Damascene
CMP Cleans LAM/Ontrak DSS-200 Scrubber
Bare Wafer KLAT SP1 80nm
Brightfield KLAT 2365 60nm, 2139  100nm
Darkfield KLAT AIT, AIT XP  Fusion 
Voltage Contrast KLAT eS25
SEM Review KLAT eV300-ADC & EDX
Data Analysis Synopsys Odyssey
Metrology DI 9000M AFM, QS-2200 FTIR, CV, film stress, 4-point probe

Sort / Test Tools

Memory Test Verigy 3308/4108, Advantest 5365
Logic Test Credence DUO, LT, Verigy 93000
Fuse / Repair GSI M325 Laser
Clock Test, Burn-in Cypress OSC50, LCT
Visual QA Camtek Falcon 200

Failure Analysis Tools

Imaging FEI DualBeam 835 FIB/SEM w/EDX
Hitachi S-4800 w/ T-E detector
TEM Hitachi TEM 300kV W/EDX
Nanoprobe Zyvex-100 Hitachi S4500
Other Imaging Phemos OBIRCH
Acoustic Microscope
Sample Prep Microcleave, TEM sample prep, Deprocessor, Precision Polisher