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PSoC® 4 Smarter Life Design Challenge | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC® 4 Smarter Life Design Challenge

The Smart Bicycle Light

A �set and forget� bicycle safety light that will require no input from the user other than maybe charging the batteries. These smart lights will automatically manage active/inactive states and alert the bicyclist to low battery power.

Anthony Kahl, Australia

The Geocar

Imagine an open-source black box for a car that collects and stores information from its surroundings and its internal applications. Now imagine using that data � the police could recreate an accident, parents could check up on their teenage children, or the system could even alert the driver to danger.

Javier Hernandez, Puerto Rico


Take a look at some of the other amazing applications from the finalists of this design challenge:

A Very Compact Christmas Display

Every year Christmas displays become more elaborate and come with more issues. See how PSoC� 4 can simplify your Christmas display while adding some pizzazz and nixing problems with stowage.

Monte Chan, Australia

Circadian Rhythms and Sleep Pattern

The small, low-power PSoC 4 is perfect for medical devices. This temperature sensor node design will not only power data on circadian rhythms and sleep patterns but also empower consumers giving them control over their health.

Alex Behnaz, US

The UnCoStat or the Ideal Thermostat

Powered by PSoC 4, the ideal thermostat will have easy programming, humidity and zone control, vacation hold, remote control, and data logging.

Steve Turner, US

The Digital Security Assistant

Powered by PSoC 4, this home companion will be a cost effective, easy to use and richly featured security terminal that monitors and alerts home owners of intrusions.

Abhijit Bose, India


A Smart Lighting System powered by CapSense® touch sensing solution and PSoC that allows you to adjust the brightness of a 230 V bulb with just a slide of your finger!

Wojciech Gelmuda

Controlling Home Appliances

A single-chip controller for home appliances that will leverage brain waves to control basic functions of home appliances. Read Cosmin�s blog to discover if this design is as amazing as it sounds!

Cosmin Iorga, US

The Camera Gimbal

How do you eliminate Shaky Camera Operator Disorder or SCOD? Easy! Create an affordable, lightweight, mechanized gimbal for use with consumer phones and point-and-shoot cameras � powered by PSoC 4!

Jianyi Liu, US

Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Shoe

Powered by PSoC 4 this Bluetooth enabled shoe can connect with your other Bluetooth devices opening a door of possibilities for you to be able to assess your running style, speed or even listen to music on the go!

Anastasios Kanakis

The PSoC 4 Oven

Temperature, pressure, and humidity are all parameters that affect the best ovens. Find out how a simple and accurate oven temperature control for multiple applications will overcome these challenges.

Dr. Mala Mitra, India

The Smarter Gardener

This one is for all of us who neglect our house plants till the last minute! Powered by PSoC 4, this device will measure soil moisture and control the amount of water that is dispensed to the pot and plant.

Peter Shabino, US

An Intelligent Wheelchair

An intelligent wheelchair that uses PSoC 4 to control all its functions! The device will drive the wheelchair simply by detecting leg, hand or head movement.

Dr. Mani Thundiyil, India

Automated Faucets

Here's to smarter faucets. This design will automate faucets with Capsense® touch sensing and PSoC4 so they can adjust hot/cold blend and flow rate.

Jim Lynch, US

The Auto Barista

Imagine a coffee machine that loads, grinds and brews your coffee! And all you need to do is send it an email or text with your order! That�s PSoC 4 making your mornings smarter!

Paul Sisneros, US

Smart Solder Reflow Oven

A PCB hobbiest�s dream! A simple and compact solder reflow oven with touch interface and programmable time and temp settings for each reflow step.

Linas Karpavicius, Lithuania

A Smarter Tricopter

This is an amazingly simple tricopter that will use PSoC 4 to create a high-precision smart control and smart diagnostic system.

Yuri Tikhonov, Russia