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Mobile World Congress 2015 | Cypress Semiconductor

Mobile World Congress 2015

Connect with Cypress at Mobile World Congress 2015

Cypress's programmable solutions provide unparalleled performance and ease-of-use. Meet us at MWC 2015 to understand our extensive portfolio of programmable, touch and capacitive sensing solutions. Our solutions are designed to work across mobile devices, wearables and mobile accessories.

To schedule a meeting or demo, please contact Neeta or your Local Cypress Sales Representative

Experience our latest innovations in:


TrueTouch® Touchscreen Controllers

The TrueTouch® portfolio of capacitive multi-touch solutions leads the industry, delivering best-in-class charger and display noise immunity. It also provides built-in waterproofing and support for differentiating solutions like passive stylus, glove, hover and capacitive proximity. Join us at MWC to see our technology in action and learn more about the latest from TrueTouch!

PSoC® 4 BLE: The Internet of Things on a Chip

Cypress's latest products for wearables and the IoT include PSoC® 4 BLE, a one-chip solution that integrates programmable analog front ends and CapSense® touch-sensing along with an ARM® Cortex®-M0 CPU and a Bluetooth® Low Energy radio. PSoC® 4 BLE enables easy design of entire low-power wireless, sensor-based systems with just a single chip.

CapSense: The Industry's Leading Touch-Sensing Solution

CapSense enables advanced features such as proximity sensing, grip/wrist detection and glove touch on your mobile devices, wearables and accessories. Cypress also offers CapSense Mechanical Button Replacement (MBR) the industry's easiest-to-use solution for touch-sensing.

CCG1 Type-C Port Controller

Don't miss the rapid change over to the new, slimmer, all-in-one, 100-W, Type-C connector. CCG1, an ARM Cortex-M0 solution with 32KB flash, integrated Type-C Transceivers and up to 100-W PD support brings Type-C compliant power adapters, cables, mobiles, notebooks, tablets and monitors to market faster.

This USB Type-C solution includes a SPI/UART/I2C port, up to 30 GPIOs and a royalty-free USB-IF Power Delivery 2.0 compliant stack.

CCG1 provides a simple, low-cost way to add USB Type-C with 100-W Power Delivery to any mobile device.