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User Module Datasheet: SmartLED Datasheet SmartLED V 1.10 (CY8C20xx6L) | Cypress Semiconductor

User Module Datasheet: SmartLED Datasheet SmartLED V 1.10 (CY8C20xx6L)

Last Updated: 
Jun 26, 2013

Features and Overview

  • Independent PWM control of up to eight LEDs
  • PWM duty cycle granularity configurable to either 5 or 10% steps
  • Configurable PWM frequency
  • 0.4% CPU usage for 60 Hz PMW with 5% duty cycle granularity
  • Maximum LED current is 25 mA
  • Maximum total current load on the device is 120 mA (60 mA/side) as limited by device specifications
  • In quasi closed loop current control mode, each LED requires two GPIO pins, one current limiting, and one current sensing resistor
  • In explicit PWM duty cycle mode only one GPIO pin and a current limiting resistor are required
  • Wizard for quick and easy LEDs configuration

Functional Description

The SmartLED User Module implements a “soft” PWM drive that provides the LED brightness/current control for up to eight independent LEDs. Configurable PWM duty cycle enables you to implement visual effects such as LED breathing.