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User Module Datasheet: CapSense® Sigma-Delta Datasheet CSDPLUS V 1.20 (CY8C20xx7/S, CY8C20055) | Cypress Semiconductor

User Module Datasheet: CapSense® Sigma-Delta Datasheet CSDPLUS V 1.20 (CY8C20xx7/S, CY8C20055)

Last Updated: 
Dec 17, 2014

Features and Overview

  • Immune to GPIO current transient, VDD fluctuation, entry and exit from sleep, and IDAC RTS noise
  • Implements CapSense® capacitive sensing using sigma-delta data conversion
  • Configurable system parameters allow tuning to optimize performance in a range of applications
  • Supports as many as 35 capacitive sensors and six sliders
  • Capable of detecting touches as low as 0.1 pF, meaning that, detecting a finger is possible through up to 15 mm of glass or 5 mm of plastic
  • Supports capacitive sensors configured as independent buttons or as dependent arrays to form sliders, or both
  • Effective number of slider elements can double the number of dedicated I/O pins using diplexing technique
  • Supports slider resolution greater than physical pitch by using interpolation
  • For more, see pdf

The CSDPLUS User Module is based on the differential capacitive sensing method. This user module uses the Analog MUX Bus for connecting a capacitive sensing analog circuitry to any PSoC pin. The CSDPLUS User Module connects the active sensor to the Analog MUX Bus allowing the CapSense circuitry to measure its capacitance and translate that capacitance into a digital code. Firmware serially scans the sensors by sequentially setting corresponding bits in the MUX_CRx registers.

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