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User Module Datasheet: CapSense® Sigma-Delta Datasheet CSDe V 2.10 (CY8C20xx6L) | Cypress Semiconductor

User Module Datasheet: CapSense® Sigma-Delta Datasheet CSDe V 2.10 (CY8C20xx6L)

Last Updated: 
Dec 17, 2014

Features and Overview

  • Implements CapSense® capacitive sensing in the CY8C20xx6L family of PSoC® devices using the sigma-delta data conversion
  • Immune to GPIO current transient, VDD fluctuation, entry and exit from sleep, and IDAC RTS noise
  • Configurable system parameters enable tuning so that performance is optimized in a broad range of applications
  • Supports up to 36 capacitive sensors and 6 sliders
  • Capable of detecting touches as low as 0.1 pF, that is, a finger touch can be detected through up to 15 mm of glass or 5 mm of plastic
  • Supports capacitive sensors configured as independent buttons and as dependent arrays to form sliders
  • Effective numbers of slider elements can double the number of dedicated I/O pins using the diplexing technique
  • Supports slider resolution greater than the physical pitch through interpolation
  • Gives shield electrode for reliable operation with high parasitic capacitance and in the presence of a water film
  • Guided sensor and pin assignments using the CSDe Wizard
  • For more, see pdf
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