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MB90880 Series F2MC-16LX Hardware Manual | Cypress Semiconductor

MB90880 Series F2MC-16LX Hardware Manual

Last Updated: 
Oct 02, 2017

MB90880 series is a 16-bit microcontroller designed for applications such as consumer devices requiring high-speed realtime processing. MB90880 series functions are suitable for controlling PHS, cellular phones, CD-ROMs, and VTRs. This manual, intended for engineers developing products using the MB90880 series, explains the MB90880 series functions and operations. Read this manual first, before using the product.

Note: Cypress continues to supports this product and one Japanese document is removed from web for branding update. If you want to access the document, please contact your sales representatives or customer service support.

Translated documents are for reference only. We recommend that you refer to the English-language version of a document if you are engaged in development of a design.