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Trends in Capacitive Touch Panels | Cypress Semiconductor

Trends in Capacitive Touch Panels

Last Updated: 
Oct 08, 2013

Author: Bart DeCanne

With the introduction of the first smartphones in 2012 with in-cell touch displays, a battle is emerging between the traditional supply chain of ITO-based touch sensors that are externally combined with the display, and the display vendors themselves integrating the touch sensor layers inside their display stackup. Either party is in the pursuit of the thinnest and lowest-cost touch solution.

Cypress Semiconductor has been supplying capacitive touchscreen controller IC solutions since 2008 and has maintained a database with the sensor parameters and layer structures for each customer project that has entered mass production since then. Based on actual design project data from this database, we have derived some trends on the prevailing parameters of 'on-stack' sensors over the 2009-2012 timeframe. 'On-stack' refers here to structures where the touch sensor layers are supplied by standalone (ITO) sensor vendors and are combined with the display module after completing manufacturing of the display. The remainder of this article discusses the characteristics of the prevailing designs, their evolution over time, as well as some of the rationale for the observed trends.

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