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Touchscreens 101: Understanding Touchscreen Technology and Design | Cypress Semiconductor

Touchscreens 101: Understanding Touchscreen Technology and Design

Last Updated: 
Oct 08, 2013

Author: Steve Kolokowsky, Trevor Davis

Embedded in phones, office equipment, speakers, digital photo frames, TV control buttons, remote controls, GPS systems, automotive keyless entry, and medical monitoring equipment, touchscreens are everywhere. As a component, they have reached into every industry, every product type, every size, and every application at every price point. Touchscreens are everywhere. In fact, if a product has an LCD or buttons, a designer somewhere is probably evaluating how they too can implement touchscreen technology. As with any technology, there are many different ways to implementation approaches, many promises of performance, and many different technical considerations when designing a touchscreen. To read more, click the download link below or visit Planet Analog.

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