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The Continuous Improvement of Mobile Touch - Advanced Capacitive Touchscreens | Cypress Semiconductor

The Continuous Improvement of Mobile Touch - Advanced Capacitive Touchscreens

Last Updated: 
Oct 08, 2013

Author: Trevor Davis

One of the most expensive components in every mobile product in the world is the touchscreen. Product developers worldwide cringe when they must consider adding a touchscreen to their product. But, where demand or frustration lies, so does innovation and opportunity. Touchscreen manufacturers globally are inventing new and more aggressive industrial design solutions to make touchscreens better, cheaper, and more integrated. There are technologies that remove entire layers of material in touchscreen sensors, new processes and patterns that eliminate cost, and new technology integration that removes requirements for complete portions of the touchscreen system. There is an ongoing capacitive touchscreen evolution and it is imperative for any product development manager or engineer to understand recent innovations that will lead to the development of the world’s most high performance, inexpensive touchscreen products ever.

First, it is critical for designers to understand the underlying construction of a touchscreen system to be able to understand how technology changes are remaking this segment.  The key components in a touch system include the coverlens, sensor, LCD, and PCB.  The coverlens is the outward facing component of the product. This is where the consumer interacts with the screen. In some products, this coverlens could simply be a protective cover to prevent scratching and damage, or it can actually be part of the touch sensing system itself.

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