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Software Solutions from Cypress

Last Updated: 
Oct 10, 2013

Cypress supports its semiconductor products with a range of innovative and powerful software tools. Almost everything we do is programmable; from clocks, to USB controllers, to Programmable Systems-on-Chip (PSoC), to lighting and power controllers, to touch screens, and on.

Programmability is realized through our development tools and drivers, so here is a guide to our software packages and the products they support:

PSoC / Lighting & Power Control / Touch Sensing

  • PSoC Creator
    Software IDE with schematic-based design capture for PSoC 3, PSoC 4, and PSoC 5LP applications
  • PSoC Designer
    Full-featured development environment for the following applications:
    • PSoC 1
    • EZ-Color
    • PowerPSoC
    • CapSense
    • True Touch
  • PSoC Programmer
    Program flash-based devices through Cypress MiniProg hardware. Includes Bridge Control Panel v1.0.
  • Powerline Communication Control Panel GUI
    Control Powerline Network nodes through a PC
  • Powerline Communication RGB Control GUI
    Control the intensities of High Brightness LEDs at nodes present on the Powerline Network through a PC

Clocks and Buffers

  • CyClockWizard 1.0
    CyClockWizard is an integrated software tool that enables users to identify and customize Cypress timing solutions to meet their unique requirements.
  • InstaClock™
    Everything you need to generate standard-frequency clocks at your desk
  • CyberClocks™
    A single integrated software package supporting:
    • CyClocksRT™
    • CyClocks®
    • ISR™
    • ProgZDB
    • RoboConfig&trade

Universal Serial Bus (USB)


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