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SOFTUNE EXPRESS Cooperation Tool

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Oct 26, 2016

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Connectivity tools and planning tools with SDT are as follows.
Our company promotes collaborating with tool vendors and helping software design engineers by availability of the wide variety of tools for analysis, design, test and development process management.
SDT provides capabilities of utilizing engineers' favorite tools, seamless operability, room for selecting tools and user-friendly toolchains at optimized cost.

Development process management support

Product name Product summary Inquires
Interstage ADM Interstage ADM is software which provides strong integration capabilities throughout software configuration management and lifecycle management such as requirements management, change management and release management. It provides a scalable, reliable and customizable environment targeting increased quality of software projects while decreasing development and maintenance cost.
* Product detail: Interstage Application Development Cycle Manager
Fujitsu Ltd.
PLEMIA M3/SQ-Tracer (Tool under consideration)
Tool under consideration
PLEMIA M3/SQ-Tracer assists in the development of safe, high-quality electronic control systems that conform to ISO 26262, the functional safety standard for embedded control systems. Fujitsu Ltd.
(Free of charge)
Subversion is an open source product for configuration management.
* Product download: Subversion download
* Plug-in download: Subversive plug-in
Apache Software Foundation
Trac (Free of charge) Trac is an open source product for configuration and change management.
* Product download: Trac download
Edgewall Software
CVS (Free of charge) CVS is an open source product for Revision control.
* Product download: CVS download
The CVS Team

Design support

Product name Product summary Inquires
Tool under consideration
This is a CASE tool that uses extended hierarchical state transition chart design methods.
- This tool can be designed to prevent leaks and missing data.
- C source is automatically generated from the state transition chart.
- Supports REALOS system calls.
- Offers debugging using state transition charts integrated with SOFTUNE.
* Product detail: ZIPC
CATS Co. Ltd.
MATLAB®/Simulink®Product Family MATLAB provides functions and analysis environment for efficiently developing scientific calculation programs.
Simulink is a simulation environment for efficiently designing and verifying real-time systems that runs in MATLAB. Algorithms designed based on models using Simulink can be automatically converted into C code for embedded systems using Embedded Coder.
Notice: The current support MCUs are F2MC-16 family and FR family.
* Product detail: MATLAB / Simulink
   - F2MC-16 Family MATLAB-SDT Cooeration module
   - FR Family MATLAB-SDT Cooeration module
Doxygen (Free of charge) Doxygen is a documentation system for C++, C, Java, Objective-C, Python, IDL, Fortran, VHDL, PHP, C#.
* Product download: Doxygen download

Analysis support

Product name Product summary Inquires
PGRelief This is a static analysis tool for identifying bugs in C/C++ source code.
Identifies bug locations from data structures and processing flows. Checks conformance with SEC coding standards and MISRA-C guidelines.
* Product detail: PGRelief C/C++
Fujitsu Software Technologies Limited
C++test - Static Analysis
C++test is a certified test tool for functional safety standards ISO26262 and IEC61508. C++test will analyze the source code using the about 1,500 coding conventions. Also, C++test is possible to implement their own terms using customization features of convention.
- Flow Analysis
This function dectects the following errors that occur in a particular process flow.
   - divison by zero
   - reference uninitialized memory
Also, it is possible to automate testing with CI tool.

Notice: The current support MCU is FR family.
* Product detail: C/C++test

QA·C QA·C is a static analysis tool for C source code that is used to improve the quality of software.
MCM/M2CM are optional products for QA·C that can evaluate conformance with MISRA C coding standards.
* Product detail: QA·C
Programming Research Ltd.

Test support

Product name Product summary Inquires
C++test - Unit test
CC++test is a certified test tool for functional safety standards ISO26262 and IEC61508. C++test automatically generates test cases, stub, test drivers, and detects errors such as run-time exception.
Also, C++test can be confiremed the seven coverage infomations including C0, C1, C2, and DC/DC coverage from SDT GUI.
- Runtime error detection
This function automatically detects memory-access errors, along with potential defects and inefficiencies in memory usage. Errors such as memory corruption, memory leaks, access outside of array bounds, invalid pointers, the like often go undetected during static analysis.

Notice: The current support MCU is FR family.
* Product detail: C/C++test


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