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SOFTUNE EXPRESS - Configuration of Framework | Cypress Semiconductor

SOFTUNE EXPRESS - Configuration of Framework

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Jul 05, 2016

| Outline | Configuration of Framework | Function of SDT | Cooperation tool |

To build the framework of SOFTUNE EXPRESS, the following software is required.

Note: The operating system of our company's software is Windows 7/Vista/XP.
    Please see the software's download page to check the operating system of other company's software.

Cooperation tool with SOFTUNE via SDT is as follows:
Cooperation tool

Our company's software

SOFTUNE Professional Pack

Existing language tools such as compilers/linkers and debuggers in SOFTUNE are available with SDT.

Target family Target version
FR family Rev:600011(or later)
F2MC-16 family Rev:300023 (or later)
F2MC-8L/8FX family Rev:300018 (or later)

SOFTUNE Development Tools for Eclipse (SDT)

SDT is a plug-in that develops the software for our company's microcontoroller on Eclipse/CDT.

Target family Target version Download
FR family, F2MC-16 family、F2MC-8L/8FX family V01L03R01 Go to Download Page

Other company's software

Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers (Eclipse/CDT)

Eclipse/CDT is a software development environment for C/C++ language.

Target version Download
Eclipse Indigo Sr2 Packages (32-bit Windows) Go to Download Page

Java Runtime Environment(JRE)

Java is a cross-platform environment for the software of Java language.

Target version Download
Java Runtime Environment(JRE) Version 7 Go to Download Page


Cygwin is a unix-like environment and command-line interface for Microsoft Windows.

Target version Download
Cygwin Version 1.7 (or later) Go to Donwload Page
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