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RoboConfig 1.0 | Cypress Semiconductor

RoboConfig 1.0

Last Updated: 
Oct 10, 2013

Cypress's RoboConfig™ Version 1.0 software is designed to simplify the customer's use of Cypress's RoboClockII™ devices (CY7B993V and CY7B994V). The software uses the selected device, fREF and feedback bank information to calculate the allowable output frequencies and skews for all five banks. Once the user selects the desired output frequencies and skews for the five banks, the user then views a block diagram of the selected configuration, and reads a report on how each pin should be configured to get that desired result. The software includes online help documentation.


Download Instructions

(For use with Windows 95/98, Windows NT, or Windows 2000)


RoboConfig 1.0 (RoboConfig.exe 3.4MB) is a self-extracting file. Download it to a temp directory and run this executable file. The setup program will then be automatically loaded.