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MATLAB/Simulink Target Support Package for FM4 Family | Cypress Semiconductor

MATLAB/Simulink Target Support Package for FM4 Family

Last Updated: 
Jul 01, 2016


The Target Support Package (TSP) is a MATLAB add-on tool to generate the program code for the Spansion microcontroller (MCU). TSP supports mounting the control algorithm from Simulink onto the Spansion MCU.

Target Support Package offers the following functions.

  • Processor In the Loop simulation (PIL)
  • Peripherals Simulink Library (PSL)

PIL can easily compare the simulation results between Simulink and MCU for the evaluation of the control algorithm. PSL generates the control algorithm and the Input/Output program. Moreover, the object file of MCU can be easily made. TSP supports R2013b of MATLAB. The following tools are necessary.

  • MATLAB and MATLAB Coder
  • Simulink and Simulink Coder
  • Embedded Coder

Please refer to the manual of PIL and PSL for necessary machine parts and the tool. Operating environment is Windows 7 32bit/64bit.

Support CPU Version Download
FM4 Family V01L02 Target Support Package
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