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HX3 Firmware

Last Updated: 
Nov 08, 2017

HX3 Rev. *C silicon of USB 3.0 Hub Controllers passes USB-IF compliance (TID#330000060) with internal ROM firmware. Customers can save BOM by eliminating the EEPROM. Customers using Rev. *C Silicon and choosing to boot from an external EEPROM must use the Version B5 firmware. We recommend customers to boot with internal ROM firmware. The method of identification of the HX3 Rev *C Silicon and HX3 Rev *A Silicon is included in the Version B5 - Release Notes.

Version B5 should not be used with the HX3 Rev *A Silicon. To pass USB-IF certification with Rev *A Silicon, customers are required to use Cypress Version B3 firmware.

All versions of HX3 firmware needs to be downloaded to HX3 using either an I2C EEPROM or an external I2C master. If an external EEPROM is used, Cypress provided Blaster Plus software  tool can be used to program the EEPROM. Procedure to download firmware to EEPROM is provided at - Downloading Firmware for HX3 - KBA91657.