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Cooperation tools - Cooperation with MATLAB/Simulink | Cypress Semiconductor

Cooperation tools - Cooperation with MATLAB/Simulink

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Oct 26, 2016

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MATLAB provides functions and analysis environment for efficiently developing scientific calculation programs. Simulink is a simulation environment for efficiently designing and verifying real-time systems that runs in MATLAB.
Installing the cooperation module of MATLAB/Simulink enables cooperative debugging with SOFTUNE Workbench.


Code generation

Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder of MATLAB generates the following files from the designed model of MATLAB.

  • Embedded code file (C source file)
  • SOFTUNE project file
  • S-Function block

Co-simulation with MATLAB

SOFTUNE Workbench generates a load module file by using the embedded code file and SOFTUNE project file. And, the control block replaces the S-function block.
Thereby, user can be verified the control block in the designed model using PIL simulation by interoperating with the SOFTUNE debugger.

It can be checked the size of the embedded code and operation precision for the control block.

MATLAB-SOFTUNE Cooperation module

Support CPU Support Information Page
F2MC-16 Family MATLAB-SOFTUNE Cooperation module support
FR Family MATLAB-SOFTUNE Cooperation module support

SOFTUNE is a trademark of Cypress Semiconductor Corp.


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