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Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Profiles and Services | Cypress Semiconductor

Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Profiles and Services

Last Updated: 
Dec 04, 2015

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Cypress’s BLE Component (available as part of PSoC® Creator™) is regularly updated to include the GATT-based, BLE profiles and services adopted by the Bluetooth SIG. The table provided below documents the standard profiles and services supported in the BLE Component v3.0 (available as part of PSoC Creator 3.3 SP1).

The links are in table can be used to navigate to:

  • Overview - The overview of the profile or service on the Bluetooth SIG’s Developer Portal
  • PDF - The complete Bluetooth specification for the profile or service in pdf format
  • XML - The complete Bluetooth specification for the profile or service in xml format

Refer the BLE Component datasheet to use these standard profiles and services with Cypress BLE products.

Cypress has also defined custom BLE profiles and services to enable customers to send data over BLE for various features that are not supported by standard BLE profiles and services. Click here to learn more about Cypress’s custom profiles and services.

Profile/Service Specification
Alert Notification Profile (ANP) Overview | PDF | XML
Alert Notification Service (ANS) Overview | PDF | XML
Apple® Notification Center Service (ANCS) Overview1| PDF2| XML2
Battery Service (BAS) Overview | PDF | XML
Body Composition Service (BCS) Overview2| PDF | XML
Bond Management Service (BMS) Overview2 | PDF | XML
Blood Pressure Profile (BLP) Overview | PDF | XML
Blood Pressure Service (BLS) Overview | PDF | XML
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Profile (CGMP) Overview2 | PDF | XML2
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Service (CGMS) Overview| PDF | XML
Current Time Service (CTS) Overview | PDF | XML
Cycling Power Profile (CPP) Overview2 | PDF | XML
Cycling Power Service (CPS) Overview2 | PDF | XML
Cycling Speed and Cadence Profile (CSCP) Overview2 | PDF | XML
Cycling Speed and Cadence Service (CSCS) Overview2 | PDF | XML
Device Information Service (DIS) Overview | PDF | XML
Environmental Sensing Profile (ESP) Overview2 | PDF | XML2
Environmental Sensing Service (ESS) Overview2 | PDF | XML
Find Me Profile (FMP) Overview PDF | XML
Glucose Profile (GLP) Overview2 | PDF | XML
Glucose Service (GLS) Overview2 | PDF | XML
Health Thermometer Profile (HTP) Overview | PDF | XML
Health Thermometer Service (HTS) Overview2 | PDF | XML
Heart Rate Profile (HRP) Overview | PDF | XML
Heart Rate Service (HRS) Overview | PDF | XML
HID over GATT Profile (HOGP) Overview | PDF | XML
HID Service (HIDS) Overview | PDF | XML
Immediate Alert Service (IAS) Overview | PDF | XML
Link Loss Service (LLS) Overview | PDF | XML
Location and Navigation Profile (LNP) Overview2 | PDF | XML
Location and Navigation Service (LNS) Overview2 | PDF | XML
Next DST Change Service (NDCS) Overview | PDF | XML
Proximity Profile (PXP) Overview | PDF | XML
Phone Alert Status Profile (PASP) Overview | PDF | XML
Phone Alert Status Service (PASS) Overview | PDF | XML
Reference Time Update Service (RTUS) Overview | PDF | XML
Running Speed and Cadence Profile (RSCP) Overview| PDF | XML
Running Speed and Cadence Service (RSCS) Overview2 | PDF | XML
Scan Parameters Profile (SCPP) Overview | PDF | XML
Scan Parameters Service (SCPS) Overview PDF | XML
Time Profile (TIP) Overview | PDF | XML
Tx Power Service (TPS) Overview | PDF | XML
User Data Service (UDS) Overview2 | PDF | XML
Weight Scale Profile (WSP) Overview2 | PDF | XML2
Weight Scale Service (WSS) Overview2 | PDF | XML
Wireless Power Transfer Service (WPT)2 Overview| PDF | XML2

1ANCS is a custom service defined by Apple to give Bluetooth accessories (that connect to iOS devices through a Bluetooth low-energy link) a simple and convenient way to access notifications that are generated on iOS® devices.

2 Resource is currently not available on the Bluetooth SIG website.

3 WPT is a custom service defined by the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP). A4WP has been recognized as a Standards Development Organization (SDO) by the Bluetooth SIG and has been assigned a 16-bit Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) for the WPT service. Information about custom services created by SDOs can be found here.