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USB Memory Key Bridge

Last Updated: 
Apr 06, 2011


The USB Memory Key Bridge design from Créalie adds support for any USB Memory Key (or USB Flash Drive) into your embedded system. Based on the Cypress EZ-Host(TM) family of microcontrollers, the bridge provides a standard UART interface to send commands for creating, writing, reading and deleting files on the USB Memory Key connected to the gateway. This design comes with both ready-to-use hardware and software, making integration as simple as Plug 'n Play.

Key Features:

  • Ready to use
  • Supports FAT 16/32 file systems
  • Simple command language over RS232 (create file/read/append/...)

For more information, contact:

Beatrice Leo, Créalie

Hardware Description

This reference design kit includes:

  • Demo board, schematics, BOM, layout
  • EZ-Host firmware
  • PC demo application