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CY4661 - Cypress & UPEK Reference Design for External USB Hard Disk Drives (HDD) with Fingerprint Authentication Security | Cypress Semiconductor

CY4661 - Cypress & UPEK Reference Design for External USB Hard Disk Drives (HDD) with Fingerprint Authentication Security

Last Updated: 
Nov 25, 2013

The CY4661 reference design from Cypress and UPEK provides customers with an external USB hard disk drive (HDD) with fingerprint authentication security for conveniently protecting data and enabling authentication services.  The reference design utilizes UPEK's TouchStrip Fingerprint Authentication Solution (TCS3 swipe fingerprint sensor and TCD42 security ASIC), the only match-on-chip fingerprint authentication solution available on the market.   This complete biometric module securely performs all biometric processes including storage and matching in dedicated hardware rather than exposing data to a less secure host PC environment.  Cypress' EZ-USB FX2LP(TM) programmable USB controller, the industry's most widely-used high-speed USB 2.0 microcontroller, interfaces with both the UPEK TCD42 security ASIC and the HDD to provide a secure link to both the PC and the HDD.  UPEK's unique security ASIC also enables authentication services by securing communication with remote servers via AES/DES encryption.


Protector Suite Token, UPEK's bundled application software, enables users to gain access to all of their password-protected websites and applications with the simple swipe of a finger.  Since the software runs on the HDD and requires no additional drivers or software, users can enjoy true portability and access their favorites on the go.


The following features are included in the Cypress/UPEK CY4661 v.1.1 HDD reference design solution: 

  • Portable plug-and-play solution - All software runs on the portable HDD
  • Match-on-chip provides user authentication with the highest level of security and privacy protection
  • Custom ATA locking scheme - Disables access to HDD when removed from enclosure
  • Full-featured Protector Suite Token software suite from UPEK offers security that's easy-to-use:
    • Hard disk drive biometric lock -Protect access to sensitive data with the simple swipe of a finger
    • PC login - Log in to PCs at the Windows level more securely and conveniently than using just a password 
    • Password Bank - Securely register and access password-protected websites and applications by swiping your finger
    • Interactive tutorial and user training feedback - The integrated UPEK enrollment tutorial offers video training and a practice session with performance feedback to ensure the highest quality enrollment. This results in a satisfying user experience and improved security due to high-quality templates.
  • SDK available from UPEK for 3rd party application software development
    • Unique chipset architecture capable of encrypting communication enables authentication services applications

Cypress's High-Speed USB family is uniquely positioned to support a wide array of multi-function applications capable of supporting today's USB 2.0 requirements for External USB Hard Disk Drives (HDD); this reference design is targeted to the high-performance of EZ-USB FX2LP (CY7C68013A).


Designing with UPEK is designing with an industry leader in biometrics!


Hardware Description

The reference design includes:

  • Schematic (Orcad)
  • Firmware (FX2LP)
  • User Design Notes
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • UPEK Design Documentation

Want to build your own demo?  Here is what you need!

  • Cypress CY4611B reference design

    - the CY3684 can be used as an alternative

  • UPEK Adaptor Board - CY4661-UPEK(
  • Cypress/UPEK CY4661 v.1.1 reference design (download via link below)

Or interested parties can request a live demo from their local Cypress


Software Description


Protector Suite Token software biometrically protects data and networks for users of portable devices and allows users to access protected information with the touch of a finger anywhere. Flash drives and external hard drives leverage Protector Suite Token software to encrypt files and folders and to replace login names and passwords for Windows operating systems, corporate VPNs, and access to web accounts such as email, banks and credit cards. Replacing passwords with fingerprint biometrics improves security since passwords can be lost or stolen, and users enjoy freedom from memorizing passwords. Protector Suite Token software is unique in enabling true portability - the software doesn't need to be installed on a host computer so that users can take their secure access anywhere.


Design Support


For questions or technical support regarding the CY4661 v1.1 Cypress/UPEK solution, please contact UPEK at