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Parallel Non-Volatile SRAM (nvSRAM) Product Overview | Cypress Semiconductor

Parallel Non-Volatile SRAM (nvSRAM) Product Overview

Last Updated: 
Dec 22, 2015

nvSRAM combines two workhorse CMOS technologies into one powerful product line - Cypress’s world leading SRAM technology and best-in-class SONOS non-volatile technology. In your system, the nvSRAM behaves just like a conventional SRAM. The SRAM part of the IC performs random access read/write at speeds up to 20 ns using standard Async SRAM signals and timing. But on a power glitch or fail, the intelligence in the chip detects the threat and automatically saves a copy of your SRAM data into non-volatile memory where it can stay unchanged for over 20 years. On power-up RECALL, the IC returns the data copy back to the SRAM and system operation can continue precisely from where it was left last giving you a fast SRAM that never loses data. The latest high density (16 Mb) nvSRAMs are also available in ONFI 1.0 interface.