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Cypress F-RAM™ Solutions | Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress F-RAM™ Solutions

Last Updated: 
Dec 25, 2017

Cypress is the trusted global leader for instant data capture and protection with the broadest portfolio of nonvolatile random access memory (NVRAM) devices, 25 years of experience and more than one billion devices shipped. Cypress’s nonvolatile RAMs are used in mission-critical systems to instantly capture and preserve critical data when power is interrupted, with fast read and write capabilities.

Cypress offers two types of nonvolatile RAMs: nvSRAM (nonvolatile SRAM) and F-RAM (ferroelectric RAM). Cypress’s F-RAMs have three distinct advantages over traditional nonvolatile memories: high speed, high endurance and energy efficiency. Cypress also offers F-RAMs with integrated processor companion features, such as Real-Time Clock (RTC) and Early Power-Fail Warning.

Key F-RAM applications include smart meters, automotive electronics, industrial control and automation equipment, multifunction printers and portable medical devices.