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Register Your Software With

Last Updated: 
Sep 28, 2012

If you register your software on you get:
  • Automatic notification of new releases through the Cypress Update Manager
  • Access to all areas of
  • Access to Cypress online technical support
  • Access to Cypress Discussion boards
  • Email alerts when content is updated
  • Download advanced software, application notes, models, reference designs, developer kits, and more

The Cypress Update Manager is a new utility that periodically checks for new product releases – software
tools plus development and evaluation kits – and allows you to quickly update to the latest available software.

What Information Do We Collect?

To register your software you need to have a account, which requires basic user information, like an email address and password. When registering your software products we collect just a little more data, as follows, so we can get a profile of our user’s environments and support you as best we can:

  • Microsoft Windows release and version
  • Windows language setting
  • Microsoft .NET run-time version
  • PC CPU type and speed
  • PC RAM

We have a strict privacy policy at Cypress and we never share your registration information with third parties without your permission.

Help Make our Software Products Better

The more we understand how you use our tools the quicker we can make them even better. We’re always interested to hear your opinions and you can email us your thoughts on

In addition to your suggestions we’d also like to know more about the device resources you actually use. This allows us to focus development efforts – for both software and chip families – on the areas that are most beneficial to you. So we’d really appreciate your participation in our plans to make our products better.

In the PSoC Creator registration dialog you can elect to to send us additional information about how you are using the product. Checking the box will cause the tool to silently collect usage information and periodically send it back to Cypress. The information sent is anonymous and cannot be traced to a specific user. We won't be able to see your designs. We just collect general statistics about builds and the utilization of various chip resources and components. You always have the option to turn the feature off from the Tools -> Options dialog should you change your mind in the future.

If you allow PSoC Creator to send usage information, you can choose any of the following levels:

  • Level 1 - Machine specifications, PSoC Creator version information, anonymous identifiers for projects and workspaces, timestamps for usage of PSoC Creator, the debugger, and builds.
  • Level 2 - Level 1 information, plus additional information from builds including build settings, file counts and sizes, generic information about the types of error messages generated, device ram & flash usage, device configuration information, device resource utilization.
  • Level 3 - Level 2 information, plus additional build information about which components are present in the top level schematic.