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PSoC1 MPN to POD Mapping - Kit selection for Debugging PSoC1 devices | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC1 MPN to POD Mapping - Kit selection for Debugging PSoC1 devices

Last Updated: 
Sep 12, 2016



Part Number

Pin Package

Pod Kit1

Foot Kit2


CY8C24223A-24PVXA 20-pin SSOP CY3250-24X23A CY3250-20SSOP-FK AS-20-20-01SS-6
CY8C24423A-24PVXA 28-pin SSOP CY3250-24X23A CY3250-28SSOP-FK AS-28-28-02SS-6ENP-GANG
CY8C21312-24PVXA 20-Pin SSOP CY3250-21X34 CY3250-20SSOP-FK -
CY8C21512-24PVXA 28-Pin SSOP CY3250-21X34 CY3250-28SSOP-FK -
CY8C24223A-24PVXA 20-pin SSOP CY3250-24X23A CY3250-20SSOP-FK AS-20-20-01SS-6
CY8C24423A-24PVXA 28-pin SSOP CY3250-24X23A CY3250-28SSOP-FK AS-28-28-02SS-6ENP-GANG
CY8C20234-12LKXA 16-pin QFN Not Available Not Available -
CY8C24894-24LFXA 56-pin QFN CY3250-24X94QFN CY3250-56QFN-FK AS-56-28-01ML-6
CY8C27143-24PXI 8-pin PDIP CY3250-27XXX CY3250-8PDIP-FK -
CY8C27243-24PVXI 20-pin SSOP CY3250-27XXX CY3250-20SSOP-FK -
CY8C27243-24SXI 20-pin SOIC CY3250-27XXX CY3250-20SOIC-FK -
CY8C27443-24PXI 28-pin PDIP CY3250-27XXX CY3250-28PDIP-FK -
CY8C27443-24PVXI 28-pin SSOP CY3250-27XXX CY3250-28SSOP-FK -
CY8C27443-24SXI 28-pin SOIC CY3250-27XXX CY3250-28SOIC-FK -
CY8C27543-24AXI 44-pin TQFP CY3250-27XXX CY3250-44TQFP-FK -
CY8C27643-24PVXI 48-pin SSOP CY3250-27XXX CY3250-48SSOP-FK -
CY8C27643-24LKXI 48-pin QFN CY3250-27XXXQFN CY3250-48QFN-FK -
CY8C27643-24LTXI 48-pin QFN CY3250-27XXXQFN CY3250-48QFN-FK -
CY8C28243-24PVXI 20-SSOP CY3250-28XXX CY3250-20SSOP-FK -
CY8C28403-24PVXI 28-SSOP CY3250-28XXX CY3250-28SSOP-FK -
CY8C28413-24PVXI 28-SSOP CY3250-28XXX CY3250-28SSOP-FK -
CY8C28433-24PVXI 28-SSOP CY3250-28XXX CY3250-28SSOP-FK -
CY8C28445-24PVXI 28-SSOP CY3250-28XXX CY3250-28SSOP-FK -
CY8C28452-24PVXI 28-SSOP CY3250-28XXX CY3250-28SSOP-FK -
CY8C28513-24AXI 44-TQFP CY3250-28XXX CY3250-44TQFP-FK -
CY8C28533-24AXI 44-TQFP CY3250-28XXX CY3250-44TQFP-FK -
CY8C28545-24AXI 48-QFN CY3250-28XXXQFN CY3250-48QFN-FK -
CY8C28623-24LTXI 48-QFN CY3250-28XXXQFN CY3250-48QFN-FK -
CY8C28643-24LTXI 48-QFN CY3250-28XXXQFN CY3250-48QFN-FK -
CY8C28645-24LTXI 48-QFN CY3250-28XXXQFN CY3250-48QFN-FK -
CY8C29466-24PVXA 28-pin CY3250-29XXX CY3250-28SSOP-FK AS-28-28-02SS-6ENP-GANG
CY8C29666-24PVXA 48-pin CY3250-29XXX CY3250-48SSOP-FK AS-48-48-01SS-6-GANG
CY8C29466-24PXI 28-pin PDIP CY3250-29XXX CY3250-28PDIP-FK -
CY8C29466-24PVXI 28-pin SSOP CY3250-29XXX CY3250-28SSOP-FK -
CY8C29466-24SXI 28-pin SOIC CY3250-29XXX CY3250-28SOIC-FK -
CY8C29566-24AXI 44-pin TQFP CY3250-29XXX CY3250-44TQFP-FK -
CY8C29666-24PVXI 48-pin SSOP CY3250-29XXX CY3250-48SSOP-FK -
CY8C29666-24LFXI 48-pin QFN CY3250-29XXXQFN CY3250-48QFN-FK -
CY8C29666-24LTXI 48-pin QFN CY3250-29XXXQFN CY3250-48QFN-FK -
CY8C29866-24AXI 100-pin TQFP CY3250-29XXX CY3250-100TQFP-FK -
CY8C20236-24LKXI 16-pin  QFN CY3250-20266QFN CY3250-16QFN-RK -
CY8C20246-24LKXI 16-pin  QFN CY3250-20266QFN CY3250-16QFN-FK -
CY8C20336-24LQXI 24-pin  QFN CY3250-20366QFN CY3250-24QFN-FK -
CY8C20346-24LQXI 24-pin  QFN CY3250-20366QFN CY3250-24QFN-FK -
CY8C20396-24LQXI 24-pin  QFN Not Available Not Available -
CY8C20436-24LQXI 32-pin  QFN CY3250-20466QFN CY3250-32QFN-RK -
CY8C20446-24LQXI 32-pin  QFN CY3250-20466QFN CY3250-32QFN-FK -
CY8C20466-24LQXI 32-pin  QFN CY3250-20466QFN CY3250-32QFN-FK -
CY8C20496-24LQXI 32-pin  QFN Not Available Not Available -
CY8C20536-24PVXI 48-pin  SSOP CY3250-20X66 CY3250-48SSOP-FK -
CY8C20546-24PVXI 48-pin  SSOP CY3250-20X66 CY3250-48SSOP-FK -
CY8C20566-24PVXI 48-pin  SSOP CY3250-20X66 CY3250-48SSOP-FK -
CY8C20636-24LTXI 48-pin  QFN CY3250-20666QFN CY3250-48QFN-FK -
CY8C20646-24LTXI 48-pin  QFN CY3250-20666QFN CY3250-48QFN-FK -
CY8C20666-24LTXI 48-pin  QFN CY3250-20666QFN CY3250-48QFN-FK -
CY8C20236A-24LKXI 16-pin  QFN CY3250-20246QFN CY3250-20246QFN-POD -
CY8C20246A-24LKXI 16-pin  QFN CY3250-20246QFN CY3250-20246QFN-POD -
CY8C20336A-24LQXI 24-pin  QFN CY3250-20346QFN CY3250-20346QFN-POD -
CY8C20346A-24LQXI 24-pin  QFN CY3250-20346QFN CY3250-20346QFN-POD -
CY8C20396A-24LQXI 24-pin  QFN Not Available Not Available Not Available
CY8C20436A-24LQXI 32-pin  QFN CY3250-20466QFN CY3250-20466QFN-POD -
CY8C20446A-24LQXI 32-pin  QFN CY3250-20466QFN CY3250-20466QFN-POD -
CY8C20466A-24LQXI 32-pin  QFN CY3250-20466QFN CY3250-20466QFN-POD -
CY8C20496A-24LQXI 32-pin  QFN Not Available Not Available Not Available
CY8C20536A-24PVXI 48-pin  SSOP CY3250-20566 CY3250-20566-POD -
CY8C20546A-24PVXI 48-pin  SSOP CY3250-20566 CY3250-20566-POD -
CY8C20566A-24PVXI 48-pin  SSOP CY3250-20566 CY3250-20566-POD -
CY8C20636A-24LTXI 48-pin  QFN CY3250-20666QFN CY3250-20666QFN-POD -
CY8C20646A-24LTXI 48-pin  QFN CY3250-20666QFN CY3250-20666QFN-POD -
CY8C20666A-24LTXI 48-pin  QFN CY3250-20666QFN CY3250-20666QFN-POD -
CY8C24123A-24PXI 8-pin DIP CY3250-24X23A CY3250-8DIP-FK -
CY8C24123A-24SXI 8-pin SOIC CY3250-24X23A CY3250-8SOIC-FK -
CY8C24123A-24SXIT 8-pin SOIC CY3250-24X23A CY3250-8SOIC-FK -
CY8C24223A-24PXI 20-pin DIP CY3250-24X23A CY3250-20DIP-FK -
CY8C24223A-24PVXI 20-pin SSOP CY3250-24X23A CY3250-20SOIC-FK -
CY8C24223A-24PVXIT 20-pin SSOP CY3250-24X23A CY3250-20SOIC-FK -
CY8C24223A-24SXI 20-pin SOIC CY3250-24X23A CY3250-20SOIC-FK -
CY8C24223A-24SXIT 20-pin SOIC CY3250-24X23A CY3250-20SOIC-FK -
CY8C24423A-24PXI 28-pin DIP CY3250-24X23A CY3250-28DIP-FK -
CY8C24423A-24PVXI 28-pin SSOP CY3250-24X23A CY3250-28SSOP-FK -
CY8C24423A-24PVXIT 28-pin SSOP CY3250-24X23A CY3250-28SSOP-FK -
CY8C24423A-24SXI 28-pin SOIC CY3250-24X23A CY3250-28SOIC-FK -
CY8C24423A-24SXIT 28-pin SOIC CY3250-24X23A CY3250-28SOIC-FK -
CY8C21334-24PVXA 20-Pin SSOP CY3250-21X34 CY3250-20SSOP-FK -
CY8C21534-24PVXA 28-Pin SSOP CY3250-21X34 CY3250-28SSOP-FK -
CY8C21334-12PVXE 20-pin  SSOP CY3250-21X34 CY3250-20SSOP-FK -
CY8C21534-12PVXE 28-pin  SSOP CY3250-21X34 CY3250-28SSOP-FK -
CY8C21234-24SXI 16-Pin SOIC CY3250-21X34 CY3250-16SOIC-FK -
CY8C21334-24PVXI 20-Pin SSOP CY3250-21X34 CY3250-20SSOP-FK -
CY8C21534-24PVXI 28-Pin SSOP CY3250-21X34 CY3250-28SSOP-FK -
CY8C20224-12LKXI 16-pin COL Not Available Not Available Not Available
CY8C20324-12LQXI 24-pin QFN CY3250-20334QFN CY3250-24QFN-FK AS-24-28-01ML-6
CY8C20524-12PVXI 28-pin SSOP CY3250-20534 CY3250-28SSOP-FK Not Available
CY8C20234-12LKXI 16-pin  QFN Not Available CY3250-16QFN-FK Not Available
CY8C20334-12LQXI 24-pin  QFN CY3250-20334QFN CY3250-24QFN-FK AS-24-28-01ML-6
CY8C20634-12FDXI 30-pin  WLCSP Not Available Not Available Not Available
CY8C24794-24LQXI 56-pin QFN CY3250-24X94QFN None -




  1. Pod kit contains an emulation pod, a flex-cable (connects the pod to the ICE), two feet, and device samples.
  2. Foot kit includes surface mount feet that can be soldered to the target PCB.
  3. Programming adapter converts non-DIP package to DIP footprint. Specific details and ordering information for each of the adapters can be found at