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HX3 and PSOC4 based ACA-Docking Solution | Cypress Semiconductor

HX3 and PSOC4 based ACA-Docking Solution

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Mar 20, 2018

Accessory Charger Adapter (ACA) is a part of the Battery Charging (BC) v1.2 specifications which allows a docking station that charges an ACA capable mobile device (e.g., a Smartphone) while supporting simultaneous data transfer.

Architecture of an ACA-Docking Station

The mobile device identifies that the docking station is capable of supporting ACA-Dock Mode by sensing the RID_A value. Standard RID_A value as per the BC v1.2 specification is 124 kΩ. Some OEMs support proprietary RID_A Values. For example, some Samsung mobile devices support RID_A of 71 kΩ - 74 kΩ. The CY4613 kit is built to demonstrate the ACA-Dock functionality.

ACA Dock

HX3 and PSOC4 ACA-Docking Solution

The HX3 and PSOC4 solution enables ACA-Dock functionality for various phones and tablets which support either standard or proprietary RID_A resistor value. The PSOC4 dynamically changes RID_A to meet the specification of multiple devices. The following documents of the HX3 and PSOC4 ACA-Docking Solution is included for download below:

  1. Solution Board Schematic
  2. Solution Board Layout (Gerber Files)
  3. Solution Board BOM

Please email to request a demo and for more information on the HX3 and PSOC4 ACA-Docking Solution.

ACA Chip

ACA Chip