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The Filter Wizard Blog File Library

Last Updated: 
Jun 25, 2013

About Kendall Castor-Perry, “The Filter Wizard”

Kendall Castor-Perry is a widely published author, audio expert and filtering maven. He’s had a fascination with electronics, audio reproduction and sound creation since his boyhood hobbyist days. A long career spent extracting, processing and managing critical signals from a host of industrial, scientific and consumer environments has offered copious opportunities for exploring audio, circuit and system design, and creating advanced products from that knowledge. He uses his decades of experience in analog engineering, filtering and signal processing to capture signals across many domains, extract the information from them and do something useful with it.

These days, Kendall is a Member of Technical Staff with Cypress Semiconductor, analyzing signal processing-intensive applications for implementation on the latest PSoC devices, and helping to define next-generation architectures to raise the game even further. He’s also educating and mentoring a new generation in the ways of analog and systems thinking. Striving to improve the world one dB at a time!