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Customizing PSoC Designer™ User Modules | Cypress Semiconductor

Customizing PSoC Designer™ User Modules

Last Updated: 
Jul 08, 2013

The objective of this guide is to create an improved user module (Timer16X), using the old user module (Timer16) as a template, with the help of the “User Module Customization Wizard” available in PSoC Designer™ 5.4. This guide describes how to modify an existing user module to meet your needs. The “User Module Customization” feature allows you to create a copy of an existing user module and export it.

Each user module is a combination of information on the interconnections of PSoC resources and the software used to control them. It is possible to generate new UMs or customize existing UMs. Different UMs can be combined to produce a new UM. These new UMs can be similar to the old ones, with no hardware changes and only with API changes.