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FM4-120L-S6E2HG FM4 S6E2H-Series Starter Kit | Cypress Semiconductor

FM4-120L-S6E2HG FM4 S6E2H-Series Starter Kit

Last Updated: 
Jun 28, 2016

FM4-120L-S6E2HG FM4 S6E2H-Series Starter Kit

The FM4 S6E2H-Series Starter Kit is an extremely low-cost hardware platform to enable design and debug of the S6E2HG microcontroller.

Featuring S6E2H-Series MCU

The S6E2H-Series Starter Kit features the high performance S6E2HG MCU, an ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCU that includes digital signal processing and floating point unit hardware support, designed for motor control and home appliance applications.

The S6E2HG MCU is a member of the S6E2H-Series device family with 160MHz CPU, 512KB flash, 64KB SRAM and 100 GPIOs. The S6E2HG MCU features a variety of peripherals such as multi-function timers, programmable pulse generators, 24-channel A/D converter and communication interfaces like USB (host and device), Ethernet, CAN, DMA, LIN, CSIO (SPI), I2S, I2C and UART.

Flexible Prototyping

The S6E2H-Series Starter Kit exposes 90+ I/Os for user’s application development and features on-board interfaces such as full-speed USB, micro-SD card and form-factor compatible with SK-FM4-U-PERIPHERAL board, providing access to multiple on-board peripherals such as display, multiple serial interfaces and several auxiliary connectors.

Additionally, the kit also supports the industry standard CMSIS-DAP interface for programming and debugging of target application on the S6E2HG MCU.

Kit Contents:

  • FM4 S6E2H-Series Pioneer Board
  • USB Standard-A to Mini-B cable
  • Quick Start Guide