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CYV15G0404DX-VIDEO | Cypress Semiconductor


Last Updated: 
Apr 23, 2012

The Quad Independent Channel HOTLink II(TM)CYV15G0404DXB Video Demonstration (Demo) Board is a full-fledged serial digital video reference platform that demonstrates the HOTLink II video physical layers (PHYs) interfacing to industry-standard cable drivers and equalizers. Upstream processing of the video data is performed using on-board Altera Cyclone FPGAs. The board also has a flexible clocking architecture with automatic rate detection that allows the board to pass video traffic in multiple formats.

The Independent Channel HOTLink II devices are capable of simultaneously operating each channel at a different data rate. The CYV15G0404DXB has the additional capability of performing independent reclocking on a per-channel basis.

The Independent Channel HOTLink II CYV15G0404DXB Video Demo Board demonstrates:

  • The ability of the Cypress family of transceivers to pass serial digital video at signaling rates from 270 Mb/s to 1485 Mb/s
  • The independent channel functionality of the applicable devices
  • The ability to use a HOTLink II transceiver with an FPGA for auto rate detection and clock reconfiguration
  • The ability to perform reclocking in the HOTLink II CYV15G0404DXB device
  • The flexible configuration abilities of Cypress Microsystems' PSoC(TM) microcontroller
  • The use of Cypress EZ-USB FX2T USB microcontroller for video data and in-system configuration applications
  • On-board FPGAs that generate and receive different video test patterns.

Although this board uses the CYV15G0404DXB device, the same board can be used as an evaluation vehicle for any device in the HOTLink II Independent Channel family of devices. Please refer to the data sheets for descriptions of the HOTLink II Independent Channel family of devices.