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CYFL177-002 PISMO1 Development Module – S25FL on FAC24 Package | Cypress Semiconductor

CYFL177-002 PISMO1 Development Module – S25FL on FAC24 Package

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Oct 21, 2015

PISMO™ (Platform Independent Storage Module) is an industry-standard memory interface designed specifically for development platforms. PISMO enables a streamlined method for memory validation by providing development platforms with a single common interface for multiple Flash memory devices.

Cypress offers comprehensive support of the PISMO standard with its own family of PISMO standard-compliant storage modules. Governed by an independent standards body known as the PISMO Advisory Council, the PISMO specification defines a single, common Flash memory interface for development platforms that eliminates the need for multiple, proprietary memory interfaces. As a result, the standard enables faster development cycles, quicker memory qualification, and lower product costs with investment protection.

PISMO standard-compliant products allow engineering teams to qualify multiple Flash memory devices from a single development board, and to reuse the PISMO connector for qualifying new process geometries, enabling future cost-reduced Flash memory devices for the market.


Features of the CYFL177-002 board:

  • Supports FL Flash Memory on socket - FAC024 package.
  • 4 IO signal lines.
  • 3 control signal lines.
  • Debug support simplifies the design of the evaluation systems without the added complexity of costly logic analyzer sockets on every board


  • Requires FSK-PUP Flash Programming Tool (CYFL135-001) for operation


The following software is for demonstration purposes only. It is not fully tested, nor validated in order to fulfill its task under all circumstances. Therefore, this software or any part of it must only be used in an evaluation laboratory environment. 

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Support Software
Download the Flash Explorer for FSK Programming Tool from our software page.

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