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CY3688 MoBL-USB™ TX2UL Development Kit | Cypress Semiconductor

CY3688 MoBL-USB™ TX2UL Development Kit

Last Updated: 
Jan 15, 2013

The TX2UL is the industry's smallest Hi-Speed USB PHY and supports both High-Speed (480Mbits/sec) and Full-Speed (12Mbits/sec) modes. TX3LP18 answers the need for a ULPI interfaced Hi-Speed USB2.0 transceiver for use with next generation processors. Its small packaging and low power consumption make it a perfect solution for mobile applications.

Design and integrate TX2UL into your platform today with the help of the MoBL-USB™ TX3LP18 Development Kit. The CY3688 can be connected to any existing development platform with a ULPI interface, enabling system designers to easily integrate high-speed USB functionalities into their applications.

CY3688 board features include: the TX2UL device itself, USB connector, ULPI connector and three separate power measurement test points. To provide more flexibility in the configuration of the board, jumper options are available to toggle power supply and ULPI controller options.

Hardware Description:

Kit contents include:

  • MoBL-USB™ TX2UL DVK Board
  • Power supply
  • USB cable
  • Quick Start Booklet
  • Complete documentation CD including a comprehensive user guide as well as board schematic and layout

To order, please contact your local sales distributor.