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CY3686 EZ-USB® NX2LP-Flex™ Development Kit Guide | Cypress Semiconductor

CY3686 EZ-USB® NX2LP-Flex™ Development Kit Guide

Last Updated: 
Jun 17, 2014

The Cypress Semiconductor EZ-USB® NX2LP-Flex™ Controller chip (CY7C68033) is a programmable USB NAND controller based on the FX2LP (CY7C68013A) silicon. The NX2LP-Flex architecture enables USB data transfer rates of over 53 MB for every second. This is the maximum allowable USB 2.0 bandwidth, while still using a low-cost 8051 microcontroller in a small 56-pin QFN  package While both CY7C68033 and CY7C68034 are functionally similar, the latter is more appropriate for battery-powered applications because of its low standby power consumption.

The CY3686 EZ-USB NX2LP-Flex Development Kit (DVK) is provided to customers for evaluating and developing NAND Flash USB mass storage applications using the NX2LP-Flex controller. The CY3686 NX2LP-Flex DVK is a combination of two development platforms:

  • The CY3684 EZ-USB FX2LP-DVK, based on Cypress's most popular USB 2.0 general purpose microcontroller, the EZ-USB FX2LP
  • The NX2LP-Flex development board, based on Cypress's NAND flash controller EZ-USB

This enables users to integrate their custom application with NAND flash solutions.