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CY3664-EXT Rev Development Kit | Cypress Semiconductor

CY3664-EXT Rev Development Kit

Last Updated: 
Jan 15, 2013


This part requires CY3655-DK (which includes CY3655-EXT & CY3215-DK) or CY3215-DK

The CY3664 extension kit is intended for any customer who already has the ICE-Cube emulation kit (CY3215-DK). This kit supports all items specific to enCoRe III devices in the CY7C64215 families without having to pay for a duplicate in-circuit-emulator. The CY3664-EXT Development Kit includes:

  • Application Board (1)
  • MiniProg USB Programmer (1)
  • CY7C64215-28PVXC samples (3)
  • CY7C63823-56LFXC samples (3)
  • Standard-A to Mini-B USB cable (1)
  • Jumper wire kit (1)
  • PSoC Designer Software CD-ROM (1)
  • 12V power supply (1)
  • Cover Letter
  • Release Notes
  • Getting Started