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CY3210 - CY8C20x36/46/66 Evaluation Pod | Cypress Semiconductor

CY3210 - CY8C20x36/46/66 Evaluation Pod

Last Updated: 
Apr 23, 2012

CY3210-20X66 Kit Contents:
  • One (1) CY8C20x36/46/66 Eval Pod
Hardware Description:

PSoC EvalPods are pods that connect to the ICE In-Circuit Emulator (CY3215-DK kit) to allow debugging capability. They can also function as a standalone device without debugging capability. The EvalPod has a 28-pin DIP footprint on the bottom for easy connection to development kits or other hardware. The top of the EvalPod has prototyping headers for easy connection to the devices pins. CY3210-20x66 provides evaluation of the CY8C20x36/46/66 PSoC device family.