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SL811HS: Embedded USB Host/Slave Controller | Cypress Semiconductor

SL811HS: Embedded USB Host/Slave Controller

Last Updated: 
Sep 04, 2017

SL811HS Embedded USB Host/Slave Controller


  • First USB Host/Slave controller for embedded systems in the market with a standard microprocessor bus interface
  • Supports both full speed (12 Mbps) and low speed (1.5 Mbps) USB transfer in both master and slave modes
  • Conforms to USB Specification 1.1 for full- and low speed
  • Operates as a single USB host or slave under software control
  • Automatic detection of either low- or full speed devices
  • 8-bit bidirectional data, port I/O (DMA supported in slave mode)
  • On-chip SIE and USB transceivers
  • On-chip single root HUB support
  • 256-byte internal SRAM buffer
  • For more, see pdf


The SL811HS is an Embedded USB Host/Slave Controller capable of communicating in either full speed or low speed. The SL811HS interfaces to devices such as microprocessors, microcontrollers, DSPs, or directly to a variety of buses such as ISA, PCMCIA, and others.