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CYS25G0101DX: SONET OC-48 Transceiver | Cypress Semiconductor

CYS25G0101DX: SONET OC-48 Transceiver

Last Updated: 
Nov 23, 2015

SONET OC-48 Transceiver


  • SONET OC-48 operation
  • Bellcore and ITU jitter compliance
  • 2.488 GBaud serial signaling rate
  • Multiple selectable loopback or loop through modes
  • Single 155.52 MHz reference clock
  • Transmit FIFO for flexible data interface clocking
  • 16-bit parallel-to-serial conversion in transmit path
  • Serial-to-16-bit parallel conversion in receive path
  • Synchronous parallel interface
  • For more, see pdf

Functional Description

The CYS25G0101DX SONET OC-48 Transceiver is a communications building block for high speed SONET data communications. It provides complete parallel-to-serial and serial-to-parallel conversion, clock generation, and clock and data recovery operations in a single chip optimized for full SONET compliance.