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CYRF8935: WirelessUSB™-NL 2.4 GHz Low Power Radio | Cypress Semiconductor

CYRF8935: WirelessUSB™-NL 2.4 GHz Low Power Radio

Last Updated: 
Jun 02, 2017

WirelessUSB™-NL 2.4 GHz Low Power Radio


  • Fully integrated 2.4-GHz radio on a chip
  • 1-Mbps over-the-air data rate
  • Transmit power typical: 0 dBm
  • Receive sensitivity typical: –87 dBm
  • 1 μA typical current consumption in sleep state
  • Closed-loop frequency synthesis
  • Supports frequency-hopping spread spectrum
  • On-chip packet framer with 64-byte first in first out (FIFO) data buffer
  • Built-in auto-retry-acknowledge protocol simplifies usage
  • For more, see pdf

Product Description

WirelessUSB™-NL, optimized to operate in the 2.4-GHz ISM band, is Cypress's third generation of 2.4-GHz low-power RF technology, bringing the next level of low-power performance into a small 4-mm × 4-mm footprint. WirelessUSB-NL implements a Gaussian frequency-shift keying (GFSK) radio using a differentiated single-mixer, closed-loop modulation design that optimizes power efficiency and interference immunity.

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