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CYP15G0101DXB/CYV15G0101DXB, Single-channel HOTLink II™ Transceiver | Cypress Semiconductor

CYP15G0101DXB/CYV15G0101DXB, Single-channel HOTLink II™ Transceiver

Last Updated: 
Nov 28, 2017

Single-channel HOTLink II™ Transceiver


  • Second-generation HOTLink® technology
  • Compliant to multiple standards
    • ESCON®, DVB-ASI, fibre channel and gigabit ethernet (IEEE802.3z)
    • CPRI™ compliant
    • CYV15G0101DXB compliant to SMPTE 259M and SMPTE 292M
    • 8B/10B encoded or 10-bit unencoded data
  • Single-channel transceiver operates from 195 to 1500 MBaud serial data rate
  • For more, see pdf

Functional Description

The CYP15G0101DXB single-channel HOTLink II™ transceiver is a point-to-point communications building block allowing the transfer of data over a high-speed serial link (optical fiber, balanced, and unbalanced copper transmission lines) at signaling speeds ranging from 195 to 1500 MBaud.

The transmit channel accepts parallel characters in an input register, encodes each character for transport, and converts it to serial data. The receive channel accepts serial data and converts it to parallel data, frames the data to character boundaries, decodes the framed characters into data and special characters, and presents these characters to an output register.