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CYBL10X6X Family Datasheet: Programmable Radio-on-Chip With Bluetooth Low Energy (PRoC BLE) | Cypress Semiconductor

CYBL10X6X Family Datasheet: Programmable Radio-on-Chip With Bluetooth Low Energy (PRoC BLE)

Last Updated: 
Sep 19, 2017

General Description

PRoC BLE is a 32-bit, 48-MHz ARM® Cortex®-M0 BLE solution with CapSense®, 12-bit ADC, four timer, counter, pulse-width modulators (TCPWM), thirty-six GPIOs, two serial communication blocks (SCBs), LCD, and I2S. PRoC BLE includes a royalty-free BLE stack compatible with Bluetooth® 4.1 and provides a complete, programmable, and flexible solution for HID, remote controls, toys, beacons, and wireless chargers. In addition to these applications, PRoC BLE provides a simple, low-cost way to add BLE connectivity to any system.


  • Bluetooth® Smart Connectivity
    • Bluetooth 4.1 single-mode device
    • 2.4-GHz BLE radio and baseband with integrated Balun
    • TX output power: –18 dBm to +3 dBm
    • Received signal strength indicator (RSSI) with 1-dB resolution
    • RX sensitivity: –89 dBm
    • TX Current: 15.6 mA at 0 dBm
    • RX Current: 16.4 mA
  • ARM Cortex-M0 CPU Core
    • 32-bit processor (0.9 DMIPS/MHz) with single-cycle 32-bit multiply, operating at up to 48 MHz
    • 128-KB flash memory
    • 16-KB SRAM memory
    • Emulated EEPROM using flash memory
    • Watchdog timer with dedicated internal low-speed oscillator (ILO)
  • Ultra-Low Power
    • 1.3-μA Deep-Sleep mode with watch crystal oscillator (WCO) on
    • 150-nA Hibernate mode current with SRAM retention
    • 60-nA Stop mode current with GPIO wakeup
  • CapSense® Touch Sensing With Two-Finger Gestures
    • Up to 36 capacitive sensors for buttons, sliders, and touchpads
    • Two-finger gestures: scroll, inertial scroll, pinch, stretch, and edge-swipe
    • Cypress Capacitive Sigma-Delta (CSD) provides best-in-class SNR (> 5:1) and liquid tolerance
    • Automatic hardware-tuning algorithm (SmartSense™)
  • For more, see pdf