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CY8C24X93: PSoC® Programmable System-on-Chip | Cypress Semiconductor

CY8C24X93: PSoC® Programmable System-on-Chip

Last Updated: 
May 25, 2017

PSoC 1 extends its presence to sockets requiring low-power and low-pin count. The CY8C24x93 family allows customer to quickly add USB support into their designs with minimal effort with Cypress’s PSoC Designer 5.4 software IDE.

An intelligent integration of features like 10-bit ADC, 3x 16-bit Timers, Full Speed USB, SPI, I2C slave, 2x Comparators and Current Digital to Analog Converters creates new single-chip design possibilities for customers like, USB to SPI Converters, Simple Segment LCDs and Data Loggers.

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