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CY7C924ADX: 200 MBaud HOTLink® Transceiver | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C924ADX: 200 MBaud HOTLink® Transceiver

Last Updated: 
Aug 22, 2017

200 MBaud HOTLink® Transceiver


  • Second generation HOTLink® technology
  • Fibre channel and ESCON® compliant 8B/10B encoder/decoder
  • 10 or 12-bit preencoded data path (raw mode)
  • 8 or 10-bit encoded data transport (using 8B/10B coding)
  • Synchronous or asynchronous TTL parallel interface
  • UTOPIA compatible host bus interface
  • Embedded/bypassable 256-character synchronous FIFOs
  • Integrated support for daisy-chain and ring topologies
  • Domain or individual destination device addressing
  • For more, see pdf.

Functional Description

The 200 MBaud CY7C924ADX HOTLink Transceiver is a point-to-point communications building block allowing the transfer of data over high speed serial links (optical fiber, balanced, and unbalanced copper transmission lines) at speeds ranging between 50 and 200 MBaud. The transmit section accepts parallel data of selectable width and converts it to serial data, while the receiver section accepts serial data and converts it to parallel data of selectable width.