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CY7C64013C, CY7C64113C: Full-Speed USB (12-Mbps) Function | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C64013C, CY7C64113C: Full-Speed USB (12-Mbps) Function

Last Updated: 
Nov 23, 2015

Full-Speed USB (12-Mbps) Function


  • Full-speed USB Microcontroller
  • 8-bit USB Optimized Microcontroller
    • Harvard architecture
    • 6-MHz external clock source
    • 12-MHz internal CPU clock
    • 48-MHz internal clock
  • Internal memory
    • 256 bytes of RAM
    • 8 KB of PROM (CY7C64013C, CY7C64113C)
  • For more, see pdf

Functional Overview

The CY7C64013C and CY7C64113C are 8-bit One Time Programmable microcontrollers that are designed for full-speed USB applications. The instruction set has been optimized specifically for USB operations, although the microcontrollers can be used for a variety of non-USB embedded applications.