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CY7C601xx, CY7C602xx: enCoRe™ II Low-Voltage Microcontroller | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C601xx, CY7C602xx: enCoRe™ II Low-Voltage Microcontroller

Last Updated: 
Oct 04, 2017

enCoRe™ II Low-Voltage Microcontroller


  • enCoRe™ II low-voltage (enCoRe II LV) – enhanced component reduction
    • Internal crystalless oscillator with support for optional external clock or external crystal or resonator
    • Configurable I/O for real world interface without external components
  • Enhanced 8-bit microcontroller
    • Harvard architecture
    • M8C CPU speed up to 12 MHz or sourced by an external crystal, resonator, or clock signal
  • Internal memory
    • 256 bytes of random access memory (RAM)
    • 8 KB of flash including electrically erasable read only memory (EEROM) emulation
  • FOr more, see pdf


The enCoRe II LV family brings the features and benefits of the enCoRe II to non-USB applications. The enCoRe II family has an integrated oscillator that eliminates the external crystal or resonator, reducing overall cost. Other external components, such as wakeup circuitry, are also integrated into this chip.