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CY7C199CN: 256-Kbit (32 K × 8) Static RAM | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C199CN: 256-Kbit (32 K × 8) Static RAM

Last Updated: 
Aug 18, 2015

256-Kbit (32 K × 8) Static RAM


  • Fast access time: 15 ns
  • Wide voltage range: 5.0 V ± 10% (4.5 V to 5.5 V)
  • complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) for optimum speed and power
  • Transistor transistor logic (TTL) compatible inputs and outputs
  • 2.0 V data retention
  • Low CMOS standby power
  • Automated power-down when deselected
  • Available in Pb-free 28-pin molded small outline J-lead (SOJ) and 28-pin DIP packages
  • For more, see pdf.

General Description

The CY7C199CN is a high performance CMOS Asynchronous SRAM organized as 32K by 8 bits that supports an asynchronous memory interface. The device features an automatic power-down feature that reduces power consumption when deselected.