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CY7B923, CY7B933: HOTLink® Transmitter/Receiver | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7B923, CY7B933: HOTLink® Transmitter/Receiver

Last Updated: 
Nov 08, 2017



  • Fibre Channel-compliant
  • IBM ESCON®-compliant
  • DVB-ASI-compliant
  • ATM-compliant
  • 8B/10B-coded or 10-bit unencoded
  • Standard HOTLink®: 160 to 330 Mbps
  • High-speed HOTLink: 160 to 400 Mbps for high-speed applications
  • Transistor-transistor logic (TTL)-synchronous I/O
  • No external phase locked-loop (PLL) components
  • For more, see pdf

Functional Description

The CY7B923 HOTLink‚ transmitter and CY7B933 HOTLink receiver are point-to-point communications building blocks that transfer data over high-speed serial links (fiber, coax, and twisted pair). Standard HOTLink data rates range from 160 to 330 Mbps. Higher speed HOTLink is also available for high-speed applications (160 to 400 Mbits/second).