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CE97088 - PSoC ® 4: ADC TO PWM DMA TRANSFER | Cypress Semiconductor


Last Updated: 
Jul 28, 2016

This code example demonstrates a peripheral-to-peripheral data transfer using PSoC 4 DMA. The DMA transfers the ADC result data to a PWM compare register. The change in ADC value creates a change in PWM duty cycle. The transfer is triggered on each ADC End of Conversion (EOC).

Every DMA channel in PSoC 4 has two descriptor structures. The descriptor comprises of information regarding the source and destination address, the modes of transfer and other specifics related to a transfer.  A user could choose to use one or both the descriptors in the channel. In this code example, a single DMA channel is configured with a single descriptor, which has the source as the ADC result register and the destination as the PWM compare register. 


Tool: PSoC Creator 3.2 or higher

Associated Parts: PSoC 4200M and PSoC 4100M