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CE220541 - PSoC 6 MCU SCB EZI2C | Cypress Semiconductor

CE220541 - PSoC 6 MCU SCB EZI2C

Last Updated: 
Jan 29, 2018
This code example demonstrates the implementation of an EZI2C Slave using the SCB Component on a PSoC 6 MCU. It also demonstrates how to control the color and intensity of an RGB LED using TCPWM Components. This code example implements an I2C slave using an SCB Component (configured as EZI2C), which receives the data required to control an RGB LED from an I2C master. In this example, a host PC running the Cypress' Bridge Control Panel (BCP) software is used as an I2C master. The RGB LED control is implemented using three TCPWM Components (configured as PWM). The color and intensity of the RGB LED is controlled by changing the duty cycle of the PWM signals.